Beautiful Legs Of Celebrities

Never featured before, Una Healy impressed me with quite sexy legs. She is an Irish girl who used to be better in the water than out, but decided that she is worth more with a guitar in hand than with a bikini in the water. Very stylish with more than a pinch of sex appeal.

Beautiful, what do you think? I think black and red is a perfect combination when it concern fashion. And she wears it well.

This photograph of Scarlett Johansson is one of my favorites. She looks smokin' hot. Not sure what it is, her eyes, the way she is dressed, maybe it is the stockings. Whatever it is, she looks stunning and very sexy. No lack of confidence there....

Talking about stockings, there is something about stockings, a short dress and stiletto heels that will always make a man drool all over his tie....if he is wearing one. Sofia Vergara looks stunningly sexy wearing these stockings with the back seam and stiletto heels. (always wonder how much time girls spend to get that back seam perfectly straight and in the middle)Maybe someone can enlighten us.

That is all for today, I trust your year started off with a bang, and hopefully it will just get better.

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